When worries about coffee flowering early encountering frost and lack of water may affect the coffee harvest yield of 2013 season passed away, coffee farmers in Di Linh district, Lam Dong province faced with the fear from severe hail blizzard dumped to.

Approximately 16h00 of March 29th, a heavy rain accompanied by the cold fingertip stones appeared in Tan Nghia commune, Di Linh district, Lam Dong Province. This is considered the second largest coffee growing area of Lam Dong province. Local people said, in the same day, after the clouds pulled together with thunderstorms, heavy rain began to pour down. Intermingled in the rain there were a lot of finger-sized or corn kernel-sized ices falling and rolling everywhere on the floor.

Local people said, when it rained for about 3 minutes, then appeared the loud noise rang out from the roof. Increasingly many stone rolled and melted. The stone enclosed rain lasted a few minutes.

Significantly, this is the 3rd rainfall with ices occuring in this area. Earlier, two other stone rains poured down, the intensity and magnitude were larger than the rainfall on March 29th. As explained by the farmers who have long experience in the intensive farming of coffee, the coffee currently in the young fruit period, when encountering hail falling from the sky it is easily made immature particles fall down to the roots.

Not only affecting crop productivity, hail also caused more harm in the long run. "If large particles falling hail or sleet fell in three dimensions, it will be external threats by making premature coffee beans fell, breaking or stripping branches... to restore the devastated like this may take several years." said Mr. Bui Duc Manh (47 years old, who has more than 20 years experience in coffee in Di Linh).

Mr. Nguyen Van Que, Chairman of Farmer Association in Tan Nghia commune (Di Linh district, Lam Dong province) said, rainfall with rocks has just occurred without causing much damage to coffee trees as well as many other crops. However, this is the 3rd stone rain happening in a few days which is an unusual weather phenomenon. Compared to previous years, hail only occurred only 1 to 2 matches.

"Last year the province also happened to hail and causing serious damages to the coffee farmers in some areas of the commune. The hail occurred in a row can result in confusion, concern for people, because most people live here mainly thanks to the coffee beans. If hail makes loss of the season, a lot of people will be destitute "- Mr. Que sharing.

Hail is a rare natural phenomenon but has no small impact on production and may become a hazard event causing significant damage to a region or a local area. Currently farmers in the key areas of Lam Dong coffee is "loss of business, loss of sleep" by the risk of a "failures" season due to hail.


Source: DTiNews


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